Friday, May 18, 2012

Knife Edge Geometry, Under the Microscope Part 3

There is and there isn't a great deal to learn about sharpening knives but then again it's an art which can take some a life time of practice to learn. As you know from a previous post I've been working diligently to teach myself knife sharpening skills.
As with most video's that many of us bloggers post I suppose very few other bloggers take the time to view the video...but that's cool because like many; I'm simply making this information available to anyone interested. You can and should continue to learn something new each and every day! There is a science or certain facts which one needs to understand when it comes to sharpening knives or what makes a knife sharp. So many people destroy their fine cutlery because they believe these pull through knife sharpeners or electric knife sharpeners are the cats meow. Wrong! What they in fact do is destroy your knife. 

I've spent hundreds of dollars with equal hours of practice using different sharpening stones, diamond stones, strops, pastes and other tools; and I'm glad that I have. The Japanese have a saying but pay close attention to their wording "RIGHT practice makes perfect" This video is lengthy but of all the 100's of YouTube video's I've watched this video gives excellent detail (under a microscope) on knife geometry and simple results from quick sharpening. Anyone who would make a small investment in simple sharpening stones, leather strop and some practice can keep their hunting knives, kitchen knives and utility knives razor sharp. The YouTube video host of this video is a software developer by trade but makes knives as his alternate business...and they are awesome. Check his video's out. 

Two books I recommend - you can find these on eBay or Amazon -
1) Sharpening Made Easy by Steve Bottorff
2) The Razor Edge Book of Sharpening by John Juranitch
3) USB Microscope - what a great gift for your kids; Christmas or Birthday - great for science projects, etc..

Posted below is the Jaydavis882 "Hair Whittling Mirror Edge Using the revised beginner free-hand sharpening kit" This is awesome.

"Above" - a short video on two of the thee bench strops I own. Also, I have a complete set of custom strops made by Robert Barber, aka StropMan, for my KME Sharpener and they are awesome! Pick one of these up...I recommend the Jumbo Strop and if I had to pick only two compounds; Black and White Large two side strop - Schrade Walden , N.Y. USA model 147 Hunter with custom leather sheath
PS, I'm not lost in action again but I'm overwhelmed with projects and life....know what I mean Vern!

Electric Knife Sharpener debunked - how sharp are my knives? I can whittle hair. And yes, I do own a Chefs Choice and it's a hunk of junk! Now, if you have one and like it...awesome! I don't want to rain on your party but I will tell you the truth.

My knife sharpening system. The KME Knife Sharpener - proudly made in the USA. Just to clarify - I free hand sharpen 95% of the time but when I desire the perfect bevel and polish I use the KME sharpening system; diamond stones or Arkansas stones.

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