Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mora Clipper Sheath

It's amazing how much one learns when they forge into uncharted waters. I took leather crafts as a kid for several years at Bible Camp in Alaska. I've been watching YouTube video's on leather crafting for over a  year now. My favorite YouTube channel in regards to Leather Work is Satansbarber. If you are truly interested in learning about the art of Leather Craft then I highly suggest watching all the video's on Ian Atkinson's YouTube channel. 

Those of you that own Mora knives know the plastic sheaths they ship with "suck". I understand this is for cost and simplicity but they are horrible.  This sheath serves two purposes. It's a friction folder but it still has a retention strap and it has a friction pouch for my Buck Pak-lite guthook. The flashlight holder is for my Four Sevens Mini M2A but it's shown with a Maglite. The project came out well, I'm happy and now I have a knife sheath which works well with the Mora Clipper.

I learned from this project, hopefully, a host of mistakes I will not make again. Mistakes from layout, design, cut-out, edging, dying, fit and finish and even more. Anyhow, the project was fun and my Stitching Pony worked awesome. I'm very happy. What do you think?

23mm thick

Sheath design

Layout - I chose the worst of the leather shoulder for this sheath
Sheath before final finish, edge sanding, buffing and waxing
Assembly - parts drying

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